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How to Help Your Middle School Student Avoid the Summer Slide

Posted by Sandy Sutty on July 10, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Sandy Sutty
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IMG_5504Once summer rolls along, it is often hard to resist the temptation to retire completely from the academic pursuits that had kept one so active during the school year. As tempting as this may be, what students often forget is how easy it is to incorporate these lessons into their summer schedules in a way that suits their interests. Here are just a few tips on how to keep the learning going so as to expand your interests and ease the transition into a new school year.

Find a book to Read 

Summer reading can take you places you’ve never been and introduce you to friends you’ve never met. The goal is that your child enjoys books--we want them to find books they are going to be excited about reading and will share with their friends! A few resources that can help you find the perfect books for your child are Common Sense Book Lists for Kids, Scholastic’s Best Books for Middle Grades, and your local library.

Use online resources to review skills and content

There are many online resources that can help  your child to review the studies that you have been introduced to at school. Apps such as Duolingo, Inventioneers, DragonBox, and Science 360 can help keep the mind working on intriguing concepts in the areas of foreign languages, physics, natural sciences, reading skills, and more throughout the summer month. A few other notable online resources with educational activities are National Geographic Summer Learning series, Smithsonian Tween Tribune, and Camp PBS LearningMedia!.

Adapt skills for summer fun

By adapting the learning to match your child's summer activities, you make those studies more immediately applicable to their day to day life. Whether your summer adventures take your family on a hike through the woods or on a trip to the beach, choose a book, art project, or STEM activity that reflects your environment. Not only will your activity help keep your child engaged, but they will also learn more about the places your family visits.

Find a Schedule That Fits YouR CHild

Is your child a morning person? Does your child focus best after exercise? Knowing your child's preferences is key when it comes to this sustained effort to keep their mind nimble. Create a schedule that compliments your child's natural tendencies so that their body and mind will be as receptive as possible to this continued learning process.

learning needs to be At Your child's Own Pace

Just because your child is continuing to learn in the summer, doesn’t mean your child can’t learn at their own pace. They can take their  time while keeping their mind sharp. This is summer so take your time, go off on tangents, and use this as an opportunity to explore areas of interest with your child.


Summer Enrichment programs provide supplemental learning opportunities for students across a variety of subject areas. The Summer Enrichment Program at Sanford is open to all students and provides new adventures in learning, solid academic review on our beautiful 85-acre campus. Students can combine a morning of enrichment courses with an afternoon at Sanford Day Camp. This will provide a fulfilling and fun summer experience for your child and a convenient option for busy parents!

Learn About Summer Enrichment Programs  at Sanford School

Avoiding the summer slide becomes a simple exercise when putting in terms of taking what your child learned at school and turning it towards what interests them personally. Staying mentally active in the areas that interest your child is a great way to keep their brain engaged and ready for the start of a new school year.

Sandy Sutty is the Technology Integration Coordinator and Upper School Librarian at Sanford School. She has a Master's in Science in Instructional Technology and Library Science and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She is a Google Certified Educator and a member of the advisory board of the UDLib/SEARCH program.


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