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Private Schools Build A Strong Sense Of Community

Posted by Janice Payne on January 25, 2019 at 1:07 PM
Janice Payne

sanford_school_fouders_day“Before my children came to school, I knew very few people in the area. Once I arrived at Sanford, I created a network of friends with whom I could socialize, volunteer and bond over parenting young children."

"I look forward to watching our children grow together and know that I have made lifelong friends, just as my children have. We really have created a sense of community for our family.”

When parents are involved, students achieve more

  • Schools that work well with families have better teacher morale and higher ratings of teachers by parents.
  • School programs that involve parents outperform identical programs without parent and family involvement.

An exceptional school understands that building a strong parent partnership improves the quality of the child’s educational experience. At private schools, parent interaction is encourage in many forms.

  • Social Interaction: Parents are encouraged to know one another. Get-togehters, coffees or school-wide adults-only events create opportunities to interact in a relaxed situation and ignite a social component among families. Benefits include easing concerns over play dates for younger families, communications over social activities, and driving as students become older. Knowing the parents of your children's friends will make these transitions easier.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: When teachers request assistance in the classroom, parents can help faculty accomplish more, provide 1:1 opportunities or carry out larger events. Parents can also serve as grade-level parents, host parties for special occasions, and providing communications and interaction among parents.
  • Personal Growth: Many private schools offer speakers, book clubs and workshops that strengthen parenting and personal skills. Recently, Sanford School’s Home and School Association hosted speakers to address parents on such topics as social media trends, substance abuse, balancing family and personal needs, and mindfulness. Sanford parents also organize groups to volunteer in the community.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising by parents can directly improve the program and facilities at private schools. This is often not true in other settings. Events such as auctions, golf events and trivia nights raise funds that fulfill unique needs at the school. They also strengthen parent relationships, serving as “friend-raisers” as well as fundraisers.  

At Sanford School, we believe that building a strong sense of community is one key to student success. Faculty and administrators work to develop appropriate venues for interaction in the classroom and between parents to occur. Experience Sanford by attending an Open House.

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Janice Payne is the Director of Development at Sanford School in Hockessin, Delaware. 


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