Investing in a Private School Education Yields Big Rewards

Posted by Jaime Morgan on October 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM
Jaime Morgan

She feels so well prepared. Her adjustment has been easier than her peers.”

These are the words private school educators love to hear—that one of our graduates has made a smooth transition to college, and we have prepared her well for this next step.

As a private school graduate myself, I credit my alma mater with instilling me with confidence, empathy for others and a strong academic foundation. I found myself prepared for college with a strong desire to be involved. I embraced the opportunity to join groups of completely different people in order to follow my own diverse passions—the dance team, a psychology research team, and the student admission group. After all, this is how I learned to go to school—become involved, take advantage of opportunities and excel in many areas.

preparing for collegeThese stories are not uncommon in private schools. The National Association of Independent Schools has conducted several studies about graduates’ preparedness for college and the working world.

Graduates from NAIS member schools:

  • Score higher on the SAT than their counterparts
  • Rate themselves as better prepared and able to adjust to college academic life.
  • Have more confidence in their abilities to write, speak publicly and work with a diverse group of colleagues—important skills for the working world.

When considering the cost of private schools, it is important to have a candid conversation about tuition up front. When working with families who are nervous about whether they can afford the tuition, I encourage them to apply for financial aid. Private school administrators understand the sacrifices families make to give their children the best education possible. We want to help make the education we offer a reality for families who are a good fit for our schools. Often 25-40% of students receive some level of need-based financial aid. This support ranges from a few thousand dollars to approximately 95 percent of the full tuition.  

Private schools offer the best environment for students’ academic and social development. On our campuses, students thrive as they build confidence to take the healthy risks necessary to become successful young adults. Private school families come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Ask the schools you are considering what type of financial assistance might be available to your family. You may be pleasantly surprised that private school financial aid is more abundant than you think... and that a private school education is within your reach.

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