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Top Reasons To Be A Sanford Lifer

Posted by Authored Collaboratively by students in the Class of 2020 on January 10, 2020 at 12:00 PM
Authored Collaboratively by students in the Class of 2020

What does it actually mean to be a lifer at a school?

A lifer is a student who has chosen one school to attend from first grade through their senior year of high school, although some begin in preschool. At Sanford many students choose to pick the "Warrior Way of Life", many spending fourteen plus years laughing and learning with teachers and friends. Here's what being a lifer means to us:

Challenging academics & Great TEACHERS

In kindergarten, we wrote and presented our fairy-tale stories and now as seniors we are eager to present our Capstone Projects. Being a lifer has prepared us for the rigors of the next level. Not only has public speaking given us valuable presentation skills, but it has also given us confidence in our overall academic journey. At this point, we have been taught the skills to study and have learned college-prep material through our teachers' guidance. We believe in challenge by choice; teachers love hard workers no matter their ability. They identify students' unique talents and strengths in order to support them in reaching their fullest potential.

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well-prepared for the future

Observing the changes and consistencies in school over 14 years helps one appreciate what they may not have grasped as a child. Memorable learning experiences like creating, marketing and selling chocolate to learn about economics and spending an entire week immersed in Native American culture make learning come to life. Throughout all subject matter, cooperative learning and participation are critical. Making mistakes is part of learning and all students are encouraged to take risks. This instills a level of comfort that enables everyone to feel confident in class discussions, during presentations, on the stage and competing in athletics. Early exposure to arts and sports helps mitigate fear of trying something new. We are all in this together, and in our community no talent lies latent. Throughout our time at Sanford, we have been asked to do things that seem impossible, and somehow we always manage to meet our teachers’ high expectations. So now, when we are faced with the new challenges that life will bring beyond campus, however crazy they may seem, we have the courage to try and the skills succeed!

a supportive Community

IMG_9525-1Over these years, we have made true connections with one another, making friends and relationships that will last a lifetime. It is awesome that at graduation, there will be teachers who remember you, your parents, and siblings from the early days. That familiarity makes you feel comfortable asking for help from any teacher on campus. At the same time, as seniors we have peer relationships that develop from being a friendly, big buddy to a younger student to becoming that student's role model and helping them navigate the start of their very own Sanford career. The support you feel from everyone here helps you develop the confidence that enables you to be welcoming and kind to others. We will always treasure the memories of our shared lifer experience.

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