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Applying to College: Advice for Students and Families

Posted by Catherine Kaser on November 24, 2015 at 3:00 PM
Casey Zimmer, Director of College Counseling at Sanford School, shares thoughts designed to create a favorable outcome for college-bound high school students and their families.

Q: Word on the street is that it's harder to get into college now than it used to be. Truth or myth?

A: The most selective schools are receiving more applications than ever, so their acceptance rates continue to decline; however, every college is seeking students. If we look past name-branding, there are plenty of great schools out there! The key to finding schools that will be a great fit is for each student to have the self-awareness to determine what factors and practical considerations, including affordability, matter most. Communicate these things to the school guidance or college counselor, who has the current knowledge and experience to help steer students toward some great options and resources. No matter where students attend college, what matters most for their future success is what they do once they're there.

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