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Jenn Kowalski

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Jennifer Kowalski received a Bachelor of Science in Education for Music Education from Millersville University. Jenn serves as current Performing Arts Department Chair, Lower School Performing Arts Instructor, and Middle School Choral Director. She is also heavily involved in Sanford Repertory Theatre Company and is the director of the 5th and 6th Grade play. Through the power of music, her passion for teaching, and her enthusiasm for performance, Jenn believes that the performing arts is an essential and integral part of our student’s involvement at Sanford School. By providing a safe space for students to freely express themselves, Sanford warriors are able to let their creative juices flow! Along with teaching in the classroom, Jenn served on the Executive Board of Delaware’s chapter of the American Choral Directors Association, as well as being an active member of Delaware Music Educators Association.

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Tuning in to the right school for your family

Posted by Jenn Kowalski on December 3, 2021 at 12:00 PM


When families are searching for schools for their children, they often look for the right “feel” of the school asking questions like:

  • Does this school offer a balanced curriculum?
  • Do the students and faculty look engaged and happy as they go about their day?
  • What experiences are available to students?
  • Will my children, and my family, feel like they belong?

Tuning into Sanford’s performing arts program will provide you with insight into each of these questions. Not only does a strong performing arts curriculum offer balance to a robust academic environment, but it also offers a chance for children to be creative, expressive, and learn about different cultures and backgrounds. Performing arts are essential to a well-rounded education.

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